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It’s easy to become overwhelmed when traveling. From missing your flight to forgetting to pack some of the essentials, there are a number of things that could go wrong and cause you stress. In part one of this multi-part series, we will give you a few tips on how to make your traveling experience less stressful.

Airport Security

Airport security is one of the biggest sources of stress when traveling somewhere far away, especially if you’re traveling with a carry-on. Going through security used to mean you only had to remove your shoes, however, now airlines are cracking down on what is and isn’t acceptable on the plane. While we appreciate the value of our safety, if you haven’t flown in awhile, it’s hard to know what might be cause for concern in your bag.

Before you pack, look at the airline’s website. Most, if not all sites will have a separate tab for security where they will outline all the specifications. Once you know the guidelines, pack accordingly. For example, if you plan on bringing a laptop, pack that and any other electronics in an easily accessible place so you won’t have to dig through your suitcase in the middle of the security line. The more compliant you are with the guidelines, the quicker you will be able to navigate security.

Plan with Time to Spare

If you decide to create an itinerary for your trip, be sure to give yourself some wiggle room. It’s important to plan for delays during every part of your trip. If your taxi is late, it takes longer to go through security, or you get lost on your way to a guided tour, you will be glad you planned to have extra time.

Exploring the city is an added bonus of planning for extra time. For example, if you arrive early at the meeting spot for a guided tour, you can use that time to use the bathroom, get a quick snack, or check out some of the local stores. Too much time is always better than not enough time, especially when it comes to being in a new place.

Make Lists

Another stressful part of traveling is the fear of forgetting something, and the best way to combat that fear is to make a list. Whether it be a packing list, a list of restaurants, a list of activities, or even a detailed list of your trip activities, lists are helpful in every situation. Plus, when you make a list, you have the satisfaction of crossing an item off of the list once it has been completed.

Have Something to Look Forward to

Nobody wants to return home after a vacation. Returning home means that your vacation is over and that you have to return to the responsibilities of your normal life. Instead of dreading going to work the next day, try to leave yourself something to look forward to upon your return.

For example: Nobody likes coming home to dirty house or a sink full of dishes. Try to take care of these things before you leave so that you are welcomed home with open arms to a house that is nice and clean. If you’re too busy to clean your whole house before you leave, something simple you can do is change your sheets. You’re probably already looking forward to sleeping in your own bed after your trip, but sleeping in your own bed with clean sheets is an even better experience.

Wanderlust Houston

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