Regardless of whether or not you’re traveling hours or time zones away from home, packing is always a struggle. There is no perfect way to predict what the weather will be like, how much of one item you’ll use, or even what you’ll be in the mood to wear on any particular day. Nevertheless, there are always those necessary items that come in handy for every trip.

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You may think that clothing is the most basic necessity when packing for a trip, and you would be right, but what about those little items that come in handy but may slip your mind? In today’s blog, we are going to talk about the basic necessities for every trip that you may forget to slip in your suitcase. 

Flip Flops

Even if it’s the dead of winter, flip flops are always a great thing to have on hand. Think about it, at the end of a long day of traveling, all you want to do is kick back, take off your shoes, and free your feet. Then, you remember you forgot something in the car, or you want to check out the pool. Do you really want to take the time to put your socks back on and tie up your shoelaces? Of course not! Flip flops are great for those quick trips to the car or walking around the hotel.

Flip flops are also great for wearing in the shower. If you end up at a questionable hotel or just feel really strongly about not having your bare feet touch the bottom of the tub, then flip flops are the perfect answer!


Getting a headache during your trip is inevitable. You may be switching altitudes, or sleeping on a bus, or sitting near screaming children. No matter the situation, you should always have something on hand to dull your headache so you can get back to enjoying your adventure.

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A Pen And Paper

If you need to write down the address of restaurant someone recommended or the contact information of a new friend, having a pen and paper on hand will definitely be beneficial. If you’re traveling with small children, you could even use it to distract them with games like hangman or connect the dot while waiting for transportation. Slip a pen and a small notebook in your purse or backpack and you’re all set!


Life is messy. It’s cliché, but true, especially when you’re traveling. Maybe you just ate some delicious street food and now your hands are all sticky, or you feel like you need to quickly freshen up after taking public transportation. It’s a good thing you packed that small packet of wipes to keep things clean!

A Portable First-Aid Kit

You need to be prepared for what life throws at you, especially if it causes injury. By packing a first aid kit, you can patch yourself up and be on your way! First-aid kits come in so many different shapes and sizes nowadays that it’s impossible not to find one that doesn’t fit your needs. Even if you just throw some bandages and alcohol swabs into a plastic bag, that’s better than nothing. You can even buy a bunch of items and a zippered pouch and create your own custom first-aid kit!

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