Houston has something for everybody whether you are traveling in a group or solo, we are convinced that Houston should be your next travel destination and here are five reasons why:

The Cultural Diversity in Houston is UNREAL

Houston is a beautiful melting pot of races, nationalities, and religions. In Houston you can get a piece of the world in this one city. You can find authentic Chinese food in the large Chinatown community or drive ten minutes away and find authentic BBQ.  In Houston you can find massive Christian churches or visit the beautiful buddhist temple many tourists do not know about.

The Music Scene is Massive

This shouldn’t be a surprise (I mean hellllloooo home to Beyonce). The Houston music scene is one of a kind– not only for bringing in famous musicians but also for producing its own kind of music. Houston rap is an incredibly unique genre you have to listen to during your stay.

Houston is perfect for the sport’s lover

Houstonians will proudly tell you that their city is home to the 2017 World Series major league baseball team “The Astros”.  Whether you like football, basketball, or soccer– you can find that sport right here in Houston. Or you can even visit an authentic American university team play at University of Houston.

Home of NASA

Houston we have a problem, and it won’t be fixed until you visit NASA! Houston is home for many astronauts and the NASA space center. Here you can visit several engaging exhibits and look at amazing artifacts that date back to the beginnings of space exploration.

Parks and Wildlife

Houston is home to many beautiful parks perfect for the nature lover. Enjoy a picnic or a bike ride at one of these renown parks. Here are a few local favorites:

  • Discovery Green– This park really represents hoUSton. Discovery green focuses on bringing together the local community through charity and events. Check out if there is an event during your stay!
  • Buffalo Bayou– Get a beautiful view of the Houston skyline and enjoy your morning cup of coffee at this park. Watching the sun rise at this park is an unforgettable experience.
  • Houston Zoo– This one is not free but well worth checking out. Here you can find over 900 species. You can easily spend an entire day here.

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