Travelers to Space City are not likely to be bored or disappointed. The city of Houston continues to attract visitors with its eclectic vibe and southern charm. Peppered with a dynamic array of restaurants, music venues, museums, and sports stadiums, the city provides a variety of entertainment and recreational activities, and makes them available practically any time of day. We invite you to get to know other guests of Wanderstay by taking part in our walking tours or Food Truck Fridays.

Indoor skydiving – More information coming soon!

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Music Venues

As a South Texas cultural hub, Houston hardly lacks when it comes to live music performance. Country? Of course. R&B? You know it. Classic Rock? C’mon now. While you’re at it, you might as well throw, hip-hop, ska, punk, classical, and even a fusion of any of the above into the mix, as Houston is sure to deliver your personal favorites. To be honest, we’re pretty darn proud of the live music culture in Houston. Ask any Houston native and we will not-so-humbly brag about our variety of outstanding venues as proof of our ability to rival any American city for musical prowess.

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Outdoor Recreation

With mild temperatures year-round, nearby parks, regional beaches, and ample opportunities to fish, hike, swim, bike, and what-have-you, Houston more than delivers on its promise of outdoor recreation. For the adventure-seeker in you, check out the many adrenaline-pumping must-do’s, including Soar in the Sky, Wave Action, or Fastfall.

Food and Drink

Whether you’re hoping to partake in award-winning cuisine by some of the world’s top chefs or looking for those hidden gems that are popular with the locals, Houston is ripe with opportunities to indulge. The fact is, when you’re home to more than 10,000 restaurants, the competition for diners’ return business is ridiculously fierce, making for some dining and drinking experiences that aren’t likely to be forgotten once you return home. With dozens of restaurants and bars within walking or biking distance of Wanderstay Hotels, you’ll be able to indulge in your favorite cuisines without ever having to eat the same thing twice


Look, you didn’t come to Houston to politely visit the Space Center and get to bed at a reasonable hour. There’s a part of you (a huge part of you) that came to party, and party you will! From the city’s most electrifying dance clubs, to rockin’ honky tonks or fan-fueled sports bars, you and your friends are sure to find a place that welcomes you with open arms – or at least a couple of shots. Wanderstay Hotels is so close to the action, you’ll be able to enjoy a number of clubs and bars without even having to worry about getting an uber ride!

From museums and nightclubs to dog parks and live music venues, we encourage you to take full advantage of everything that Houston has to offer.

Check out the official Houston website for more things to do on your stay!