Whenever you go to a new place, as much as you want to try to stay away from the tourist attractions, they have a way of pulling you in. The same goes for places to eat. You may be drawn to the names that you know and love, or places with flashy signs, but if you want to get the real experience of whatever place you’re visiting, you have to try some of the local favorites. In today’s post, we will provide you with a few local suggestions of places to eat while you’re in Houston, so be sure to try them while you’re in town.

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Bernie’s Burger Bus

Many large cities have caught on to the craving of food trucks, and Houston is no exception. But, what makes Bernie’s Burger Bus so special? First of all, while many food trucks are selling their food out of a truck, Bernie’s Burger Bus has taken the creative route of converting an old mini-bus into their mobile food stand. Not to mention, this little bus has scored quite the following on social media. In addition to their new take on what it means to be a “food truck,” Bernie’s has accepted their role as a bus, and has made it their theme! Instead of ordering your run-of-the-mill burger, you’ll be ordering the Fire Drill or The First Grader. You’ll love their food so much that you’ll never want to miss school again!

Crave Cupcakes

Looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth after a savory meal? Then you need Crave Cupcakes! Not only does this bakery make amazing cupcakes, but you can go there multiple times in one week and never eat the same cupcake twice! They have a rotating menu, so you always have something new to choose from. Houston locals are raving about Crave Cupcakes, and these tasty morsels are the perfect treat to grab and go! Don’t let your cravings go unsatisfied. Stop by Crave Cupcakes!

Tacos A Go-Go

Tacos are a Texas staple, and there’s no question that if you have a hankering for some tacos, you won’t have a shortage of places to go. That being said, what started out as one hole-in-the-wall taqueria in 2006 has now grown to be five different locations. In addition to expanding, Tacos A Go-Go has been the Best In Houston winner five times! If that’s not enough to leave your mouth watering for some tacos, then we don’t know what will.


If you’re looking for a place that has amazing food and a local vibe, then you want Benjy’s! Whether you’re in the mood for a burger, wood-fired pizza, or crispy chicken, Benjy’s has you covered. Stop by for brunch, dinner, dessert, or happy hour, and enjoy your meal on their patio as you watch people walk through Houston. A meal at Benjy’s is the perfect relaxing beginning or end to your day.

Wanderlust Houston

One benefit of staying at Wanderlust Houston is that it provides you with a central location that is perfect for getting to all of the local favorites. Not to mention, our affordable private and shared accommodations leave plenty of room in your budget to gorge yourself on all of the delectable food that Houston has to offer. Why wait? Book your reservation with Wanderlust Houston today!