The air is breezy, the grass is green, and the flowers are blooming– it is that time of the year again! Spring has finally sprung in Houston, Texas and we are THRILLED. What better way to spend this springtime than outdoors? Here are our recommendations:

Take a Deep Sea Fishing Trip

If you have time to leave the Houston area, then take a short trip to Galveston, Texas. This unique experience will take you past the murky bay waters into the deep blue sea within hours. Not to mention, you will have some really stellar (but fishy souvenirs).

Warning: you may break a few lines from your enormous catches.

Go Kayaking at Buffalo Bayou

Take a row down this popular local Houston park. This is a fun activity to do right in central Houston with an amazing view of the towering skyscrapers. Wake up before dawn and watch this bustling city wake up.

Pro tip: Make sure you bring a lot of water, even though the weather may be cool the Texas sun will burn ya!

Watch a Movie at Discovery Green

Discovery Green is a local’s paradise– chill out in the beautiful springtime weather and watch a movie. Click here to check out some recommended local spots.

Local tip: Bring a blanket or a fold up chair! The grass can feel a little itchy.

Ride a bike at Memorial Park

Centrally located in Houston, Memorial park is a great idea for the bike-riding lover. (Did you know that you can borrow a bike from Wanderstay Houston?) Explore the big city on some little wheels!

Warning: Be careful with riding bikes in Houston. Unlike other places such as Europe, Texas is a car culture. Instead of thinking pedestrians or bikers have the right away, think in reverse. Be very cautious of your surroundings to stay safe.

Go Visit Some Animals at the Zoo

Feeling like monkeying around? The Houston Zoo has a largely variety of species- from aquariums to exotic mammals. You can navigate the safari and the coast all in one! If you get a little tired from all of the walking, chill out in one of their casual eateries.

Pro tip: Come early before the 12 o’clock sun really starts to hit! And before it gets crowded.

Houston has a lot of outdoor gems to explore during the beautiful springtime weather. So don’t waste your time staying inside. Whether it’s going on a thrilling deep sea fishing trip or taking a stroll at the zoo– Houston has a place for you to wander!

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